1000+ actors with Akka Http Client


We are running an application that reads from s3 and makes POST HTTP calls.
We are able to get around 2k TPS with another client, but cannot get more than 500 with Akka HTTP.

We are also seeing 1000s of actors being created. At some point we had as many as 15K.

  1. Is the number of actors expected? Tried to see if the client is creating an actor per request, but couldn’t find anything
  2. If it is not expect, what kind of config/code error can lead to that?

Akka Http version: 10.1.10
Akka version: 2.6.4

Hi @eugenemiretsky,

no it’s not expected. Can you show the part of the code that runs the requests? Can you relevant configuration?

Common reasons that this can happen is

  • accidental creation of multiple actor systems or ActorMaterializers
  • Passing different settings arguments to Http().singleRequest. Each unique set of arguments will create its own pool.

Could it be something like that?