About Akka gRPC latency performance

Hi, I am trying Akka gRPC, I have a application based on native gRPC, I have server and client, client uses sync call to gRPC, average latency is 10ms

I use Akka gRPC server and use my custom client to call it, I found the latency is 11~12ms, which is slower than native gRPC.

I also want to try client in Akka gRPC quick-start example but I found it is async, the timing maybe not precise.

So my question is that is this performance drop a common case in Akka gRPC?

Right now Akka gRPC is not highly optimized yet, we are still making improvements there. Even with those improvements we do expect some overhead compared to a fully native implementation, though.

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Glad to have your reply! I found some recent benchmard result 210413-grpc-benchmark

It seems that akka-grpc has overhead about 35ms? In my case it is only about 2ms, maybe the hardware difference? could this affect so much from 2ms to 35ms? Or maybe there is something wrong in my benchmarking?

Ah, that benchmark was actually already discussed a bit more in this thread