ActorCell - changing Recreate into Create after

When i start akka node. i received this axception;

ERROR[] a.a.ActorCell - changing Recreate into Create after akka://dispatch-actor-system/user/ds/$j: exception during creation

Look for the cause of that exception, most often ActorInitializationException is caused by an exception thrown from the constructor of your actor class.

thx @johanandren ,

Yes, just like u said. i fixed the problem. but the akka error message does not give much understandable information.

I think, the real exception has been swallowed here. just give general message,

instead this message, a more understandable message can be given.

I thought the cause was in the stack trace, surprising if not. More detail in ``? · Issue #31348 · akka/akka · GitHub is tracking improving this if it is not.