ActorPath.Parse Path on local project

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit lost, I’m completly new to akka and I’m struggling a bit.
Long story short, I’m on a work project and the guy who developped the code base is gone so I really don’t know much akka.

I wanna debug my servers locally so I launch a first server called ActorServer (the one having fun with the eventstore) and with this one I don’t have problems

I also have a CommandExecutor server, that is connected to the Actor server, but previously it was set up for remote execution, in the startup i had an Actor Path Anchors looking like this :


And on the documentation I found this :

Saying I should have something looking more like this :


But I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to fill it with I tried it :


But it didn’t work.
What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for reading =)