Add Scala & Java tags

Given Akka, Play and Lagon all support both Java and Scala API’s, I think it’d be very useful to add those tags to the root product categories. For example, I rarely care about the Java API, so it would allow me to filter them out when looking for specific things, and it’d most likely be useful for many other contexts.

I’m not sure if that will be a good idea. It will double all categories and some question may not be related to Scala or Java. For instance, someone needing assistance in configuring akka cluster, for instance, should it be under Akka Cluster (Scala) or Akka Cluster (Java)? Doesn’t matter much which language it is in that case.

Maybe we should instead try to use and promote the usage of tags. That will be a best effort thing, many people won’t bother in adding tags. On the other hand, it’s on the interest of the one asking the question to correctly categorize / tag it.

No, Tags as per the title, not Categories. They’re different things. And they’re optional.

When these community forums were on Google Groups, it was idiomatic to tag your post in the title.

Done, and done ;-)


Having that said, I know people will likely forgot / don’t care to add them, but it’s good to have them indeed, even if only for searching

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One nice thing about Discourse is that tags can be added to a topic later by admins, moderators, and other trusted users, so if people forget, other community members can fix it up later.


Hi @andyczerwonka,

Maybe I didn’t get your point. I understood you wanted to tag the categories which would duplicate them. Now I believe you were looking for something similar to tags in the title, like in Google Groups.

Do tagging the thread works for you? I think this gives a similar experience as in Google Groups.

I hope we can make it a practice here.

Yes, the tags have been added, so you can use them when creating a new topic. Please use them when it makes sense.