Adds grpc interceptor

(Amir) #1

How can I use grpc Server Interceptor with Akka grpc?

(Johan Andrén) #2

The ServerInterceptor is a concept from the grpc-java server, which is a different grpc implementation than the Akka gRPC server, so there is no way to use it.

You can do some of the things a ServerInterceptor can do through wrapping the function returned by the NnnHandlerFactory.create and other aspects through regular composition. We don’t have any samples for either though.

(Amir) #3

How can I read headers? I want to implements JWT authentication, is there any example about it?

(Johan Andrén) #4

There’s no examples available for that, yet.

The request headers can be accessed from the Akka HTTP Request that you can intercept by wrapping the function you pass to the create-method. There is also work in progress on a power-api on the server side giving access to metadata, in this PR

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(Arnout Engelen) #5

There’s no example specifically about JWT, but I recently opened a PR with an example of integrating ‘regular’ Akka HTTP routes and directives with an Akka gRPC service. You can find this at That might give some good input to get started?

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