Adopting Lagom quickly

I am used to toolstacks like JHipster and Java. Not scala.At this time I need to start with a light-weight stack that includes OpenTelemetry, OpenTracing, Akka, Kubernetes, Prometheus etc. for creating a set of skeleton microservices. So I am exploring my options. How quickly can I start this stack and implement a skeleton and deploy to Kubernetes ? I am not going to use Scala now.
There will be an UI and stacks like JHipster make this quick.

So at the beginning I think I need to have a basic setup deployed to EKS.


The more I read about this the less appealing it appears.

My goal is a simple ReactJS / Akka / EKS Lagom application. It seems I need Scala/SBT for even a Java application.

You can also use Java and Maven with Lagom. Scala isn’t required (although Lagom itself is built with Scala). I’d recommend starting with the documentation:

You can also check Lagom sample app for implementation reference:
It uses SBT, but using Lagom doc, that Tim shared, you should replace it with Maven relatively easy.
Personally I use SBT for Java and Scala. Not Maven. But others in community are using Maven successfully and can help if required.

you can check k8s deployment resource reference here:
Check this also:

Blog that you shared is related to Amazon ECS that is not a k8s implementations. You should check Amazon EKS. I’m personally using it.

Hope this helps.


I overlooked the references to ECS in that blog which gave me the wrong idea.

EKS is what I plan to use but my setup is basic.

Lagom (>1.5.1) comes with out-of-the box support for running on kubernetes.

Is this out-of-the box support for basic Cassandra and Kafka and a couple of simple microservices ? If so then that is the support I am looking for. Any reference ?
I have started with

I hope I understood this correctly. The LightBend Orchestration mentioned in is deprecated ?

Cassandra (or any other supported persistence store) and Kafka is out of the Lagom’s scope regarding deployment or running on kubernetes.
For Lagom kubernetes support check details in Running Lagom in production.

Lightbend Orchestration is EOL.
Check this discussion on this topic: Lagom 1.5 dropping support for lightbend orchestration

I thought a simple lagom setup using Cassandra/Kafka could be straightforward. There are too many moving parts.So this ( mentions that one could easily substitute OpenShift commands with Kubernetes commands and I don’t see how that is easy.

Lagom is not a “platform” containing “all in one” but a framework for building microservices.
Lagom DEV environment comes with supplied Cassandra and Kafka server for easier development setup.
Production environment (kubernetes) is far more complex and requires “manual” setup of kubernetes cluster, cassandra, kafka,… and is out of the Lagom’s scope as a framework.
Production environment setup will also depend on the kubernetes implementation you plan to use (AWS,Azure,GC,RedHat Openshift,…).

I am reading some of those documents. But I understand even if Cassandra is deployed separately still integration with Lagom is tricky and complicated. There is too much to understand. That is where I am blocked. Akka is confusing me now.