After upgraded to 2.6, my akka cluster of untyped actor system can't work anymore

My system is using akka 2.5.x and all its functions work just fine, including cluster sharding. Today I tried to upgrade to 2.6.0 and after modified all dependencies in pom.xml from 2.5.x to 2.6.0, I ran my system and found the cluster can’t be setup. The system can’t find seed nodes to join. I then turned on artery, but the problem remains the same. I’m using untyped actor model. I don’t know if akka 2.6 requires that typed actor must be used for cluster, because I ran the 2.6 sample project of cluster, it works, but it uses typed one. I can’t find any example of 2.6 for untyped actor. any hints?

There could be several configuration changes you need to be aware of. Artery is one as you discovered. I recommend that you read the migration guide.

Do you see anything in the logs? For example Java serialization can be a reason.

I finally spot the issue. it’s the cluster configuration difference between artery and netty that made my problem. for netty, the seed note is configured as akka.tcp://xxxxx, but for artery, it’s akka://xxxxxx.

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