Akka 2.6.0-M6 released

Dear hakkers,

The sixth development milestone for Akka 2.6 is out.

It would be excellent if you can try the milestones out and give us feedback. Akka 2.6 is binary backwards compatible with 2.5 with the ordinary exceptions listed in the documentation. Some configuration changes may be needed, please read the migration guide as a first step.

Some notable changes in 2.6.0-M6:

  • Watch region actor during rebalance in Cluster Sharding #27259
  • Deprecate PersistentFSM #26490
  • Update internal Protobuf version to 3.9.0 #26181
  • API to propagate stream cancellation causes #23908
  • Update to jackson-databind #27512

A total of 20 issues were closed since 2.6.0-M5. The complete list can be found on the 2.6.0-M6 milestone on github.


For this release we had the help of 11 committers – thank you all very much!

commits  added  removed
     13    285      620 Arnout Engelen
     10    157      140 Helena Edelson
      6  57368    35099 Christopher Batey
      3    206       91 Johannes Rudolph
      3     13       10 Patrik Nordwall
      1    211       16 Marcos Pereira
      1     44       35 Dale Wijnand
      1     31        8 James Roper
      1      1        2 Mohamed Ali Bannour
      1      1        1 Tim Moore
      1      1        1 Johan Andrén

Thanks to Lightbend for their continued sponsorship of the Akka core team’s efforts. Lightbend offers commercial support for Akka.

Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team


How do we get the context on this version 2.6.0-M6 on Behaviors ?

Class<T> type, Function<T, Behavior<T>> handler)

onMessage() is taking a Function as handler, but for the previous version it was taking a BiFunction, and we where receiving the context as second argument ?

Via Behaviors.setup.

Behaviors.setup(context ->

M6 can’t be used with Akka HTTP, because of a binary incompatibility regression in M6. We have fixed the issue and it will be released in M7 in two weeks.

You can use snapshot version 2.6-20190821-210110 if you are eager to try latest. Build instructions for using snapshot version in https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/2.6/project/links.html#snapshots-repository

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