Akka 2.6.0 with Scala 2.13 OSGI missing requirement

I’m new in this forum but I’m using Akka from 8 months in our IoT Platform.

We are running with scala 2.12 and 2.5.20 Akka into OSGI Apache Karaf very well.

I’m starting to porting our Platform with Akka 2.6.0 with Scala 2.13 OSGI but i have great problem with deps. I updated karaf features.xml with new deps. version. But when i go to install i have a lot “Unable to resolve : missing requirement”.
I have investigate manifest of “akka” jars and i found this:
Import-Package: scala.compat.java8;version="[0.8.0,1.0.0)",scala;versi

Then i saw that akka via maven use version 0.9.0 for example for compat but osgi import use again version 0.8.0 with scala 2.13.

Same for example missing requirement [com.typesafe.sslconfig/0.4.0]… and so…


A pull request fixing the problem would be appreciated. In the core Akka team we know nothing about OSGi an completely depend on the community to help with the OSGi support.