Akka 2.6.9 Artery TCP Implementation (Load balancer with local address)


Below is my application.conf properties .
I have Load balancer IP “myproject-uat” on which need to start the listener which I have configured in canonical.hostname.
but as per below logs:
[ArteryTcpTransport (akka://sys)] Remoting started with transport [Artery tcp]; listening on address [akka://sys@localaddress:2551] with UID [372678812823] .
Listener is started on localaddress not the Virtual IP address.


Can anyone please check the above configuration for starting the listener on VIP address?

While Akka Cluster/Remoting does support a separate local (bind) hostname and port from logical host name and port (canonical) to allow for example running behind NAT or inside docker, it will not work with a load balancer in between nodes - the protocol is peer to peer so each pair of nodes must be able to talk to each other explicitly/directly.

If you want load balancing you should use chose another protocol more suitable for load balanced requests, HTTP for example.