Akka 2.6.9- InboundHandshake exception

Implemented Remoting Artery TCP in Java Project in which getting below exception on the destination module.

application.conf have below configuration
Can anyone please explain the exception I am getting in above screenshot.

Can you share how you used Akka to end up with that exception? Is it from a test starting several ActorSystems?

Running two nodes in same network:

Node1 Logs

[INFO][11/10/2020 18:25:56.272] [main] ArteryTcpTransport] Remoting started with transport [Artery tcp]; listening on address [akka:// akka-project-node1@host-uat:2551] and bound to [akka:// akka-project-node1@localaddress:2551] with UID [31824176776867]

Node2 Logs

[INFO][11/10/2020 18:00:56.272] [main] ArteryTcpTransport] Remoting started with transport [Artery tcp]; listening on address [akka:// akka-project-node2@host-uat:2555] and bound to [akka:// akka-project-node2@localaddress:2555] with UID [577676898334445]

When sending message from Node2 to Node1 getting the below exception dropping handshake: Inbound Stream failed. Restarting it.


Do you see same problem if you run without bind.hostname and bind.port configuration?

If do not write bind configuration getting below exception:
Bind failed for TCP channel on endpoint [host-uat/ip:port
Java.net.BindException: [host-uat/ip:port] cannot assign requested address

Is that in Docker?

I’d recommend that you start out with some of our examples, such as https://github.com/akka/akka-sample-cluster-docker-compose-java

or if you use Kubernetes https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka-management/current/kubernetes-deployment/index.html