Akka 2.6.9 -> Message Serialization failing with Artery and Java 8

Sending message remotely from one Node1 to other remote Node2 getting below error:
Encoder[(akka://sys)] Failed to serialize message [ActorSelection(Class RemoteMessage)].
RemoteMessage class implements Serializable

Which Serializer and Serialization-binding to add in application.conf

Can anyone help please!

Hi @sayonara,

The error message on the screenshot indicates there’s some class in your code that doenst’ seem to have a serializer defined. Since Akka 2.6.0 when a class has no serializer defined that error is trigger. Before, Akka would fallback to using Java’s default serialization mechanism but that came with some issues itself.

Then, there’s some class in your code you should review. Have a look at https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/current/serialization-jackson.html#dependency for more info.