Akka actors in Java

Hi guys,

I am starting with Akka framework but I could not found any simple examples implemented in Java. So I tried to create Producer-Consumer problem with using Akka Actors.

After some time I added simple pipeline for computing quadratic equation. It is dummy example but I wanted to create some solution with using actors in one pipeline.

One actor (DiscriminantComputationActor) is consuming process time by computing if random generated number is prime number. On this example I could see behavior of dispatcher on JVM profiler. I experiments with dynamically creating of threads for actors and also I wanted to see how some thread ends when it’s not used for long time (according documentation) but I could not simulate this case.
Do you somebody know what is necessary for threads shutting down?

You can see whole code on gitlab.

I would be grateful for any advices and recommendations.

All examples in the documentation exists as Java and Scala. Same with quickstart. The intro video is in Java.