Akka cluster bootstrap: k8: contact-point-discovery.service-name VS pod-label-selector

So the docs (https://developer.lightbend.com/docs/akka-management/current/bootstrap/index.html) say that akka.management.cluster.bootstrap.contact-point-discovery.service-name is required…

yet: when configuring k8 api discovery: it says you can customize akka.discovery.kubernetes-api.pod-label-selector

so… what should I be using? what config setting “wins”?

pod-label-selector is a pattern that service-name is substituted into (by default: "app=%s")

So that means if pod-label-selector is changed to service=%s and the service-name is set to account-service, the actual query will be service=account-service.

If pod-label-selector doesn’t include %s, then the service-name will be ignored.