Akka cluster convergence when there is a node is exiting

hi, I have a question about akka-cluster gossip convergence:

current(akka master branch) MembershipStatus.convergence() as follow:

def convergence(exitingConfirmed: Set[UniqueAddress]): Boolean = {

  // If another member in the data center that is UP or LEAVING and has not seen this gossip or is exiting
  // convergence cannot be reached
  def memberHinderingConvergenceExists =
      member =>
        member.dataCenter == selfDc &&
        convergenceMemberStatus(member.status) &&
        !(latestGossip.seenByNode(member.uniqueAddress) || exitingConfirmed(member.uniqueAddress)))

  // Find cluster members in the data center that are unreachable from other members of the data center
  // excluding observations from members outside of the data center, that have status DOWN or is passed in as confirmed exiting.
  val unreachableInDc = dcReachabilityExcludingDownedObservers.allUnreachableOrTerminated.collect {
    case node if node != selfUniqueAddress && !exitingConfirmed(node) => latestGossip.member(node)
  // unreachables outside of the data center or with status DOWN or EXITING does not affect convergence
  val allUnreachablesCanBeIgnored =
    unreachableInDc.forall(unreachable => convergenceSkipUnreachableWithMemberStatus(unreachable.status))

  allUnreachablesCanBeIgnored && !memberHinderingConvergenceExists

And convergenceMemberStatus = Set[MemberStatus](Up, Leaving).

My question is if we have a convergence when there is a node is exiting(exitingTasksInProgress is true)?

if Yes, why Exiting is NOT marked seen by exiting node?

if No, we can still have a convergence because of MembershipStatus.convergenceMemberStatus have no Exiting.

Therefore, it seems unreasonable that MembershipStatus.convergenceMemberStatus have no Exiting.

Am I misunderstanding somethings?