Akka code folder structure

Akka git repository GitHub - akka/akka at v2.6.19 is vast. I can search in my IDE and navigate to the required class. But, I know the folder structure, code browsing will become easy. Is there documentation explaining the folder structure? Any help is appreciated.

I’m not sure what kind of documentation you are looking for here. I’ve always found the folder structure to be intuitive and self-documenting. (And I’ve never contributed to the code, so it’s not like I’ve even spent that much time in the code). For example, in one of your other questions you were asking about dispatchers. The Dispatcher code is in:


akka-actor = the main actor module (as opposed to akka cluster, etc)
src/main = standard scala folder structure
scala = Scala code (as opposed to Java API wrappers, etc)
akka = package name (standard Scala)
dispatch = dispatcher

I think that if there’s something that’s confusing you about the structure, you should ask a specific question. Docs are generally focused towards end users anyway and this is more a contributor issue.