Akka gRPC Binding Multiple PowerApis Correctly

(creating a new topic here since akka-grpc github issue template asked me to do so)

To short, I am looking for the way to properly bind multiple power-apis to akka-http routes.

The current problem I’ve faced is the routes are returning 404s (including REST endpoints, not only gRPC endpoints) instead of those from error handlers, when more than 1 power-api routes are added like below. When I comment either of grpcRoutes or grpcHealthRoute it starts working (e.g. returning 401 when not authorized instead of 404)

I tried to follow the instructions here, and realized the power-apis do not have service descriptor generated, so I couldn’t find the way to set up the server reflection service.

The akka-http route code is:

    val routes =
      handleExceptions(exceptionHandler) {
        handleRejections(rejectionHandler) {

The gRPC routes are defined like:

  def healthRoute()(implicit system: ActorSystem[_]): Route = {
    val gRpcHealthHandler = FooHealthPowerApiHandler.partial(new FooHealthPowerApiImpl)


on application.conf:

// ...
akka {
  http {
    server.preview.enable-http2 = on

on build.sbt:

lazy val root = (project in file("."))
  .enablePlugins(AkkaGrpcPlugin, JavaAppPackaging, DockerPlugin, EcrPlugin)

akkaGrpcGeneratedSources := Seq(AkkaGrpc.Client, AkkaGrpc.Server)
akkaGrpcCodeGeneratorSettings += "server_power_apis"

akka-http version: 10.2.6
sbt-akka-grpc: 2.0.0

Is there way to bind multiple power-apis? should I also generate normal gRPC service like below?

akkaGrpcCodeGeneratorSettings ++= Seq("server_power_apis", "grpc")