Akka gRPC client logging

I might be doing something wrong, but Akka gRPC client doesn’t seem to follow configuration from ‘grpc-debug-logging.properties’. It does read it (e.g. it complains about wrong levels if they set so), but logging levels don’t seem to have any effect on output otherwise.

Tested with sample config from documentation [1], output is always the same and contains a lot of DEBUG messages from NettyClientHandler. Tested with Akka gRPC 0.7.3

[1] https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka-grpc/current/client/configuration.html#debug-logging

That config only enables fine grained debug logging for the underlying Netty client, quite low level but useful for example when there are TLS issues. The rest of Akka gRPC uses the Akka Logging infrastructure so is configured “as usual” for an Akka application through application.conf and the logging backend config file (logback.xml when using logback for example)