Akka gRPC proto3 optional fields


based on release notes Akka gRPC 2.0.0

using scalapb 0.11.x

which should support optional fields for proto3 (ScalaPB/CHANGELOG.md at master · scalapb/ScalaPB · GitHub)

message LoggerConfiguration {
    // logger name
    string name = 1;
    LogLevel effectiveLevel = 2;
    optional LogLevel configuredLevel = 3;

Akka gRPC code generation failing with following message:

LoggingSystemApi.proto: is a proto3 file that contains optional fields, but code generator protoc-gen-jvm_1 hasn't been updated to support optional fields in proto3. Please ask the owner of this code generator to support proto3 optional.--jvm_1_out:

scalapb generate same code without issue

Is some additional configuration needed for Akka gRPC? Or do i miss something?

Thanks for answer.


Release v2.1.0-M1 · akka/akka-grpc · GitHub solved this issue

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