Akka HTTP Client Pool getting Request Timeout 408 after upgrade to 10.2.0

Dear hakkers,

we are building a routing system wich integrates a lot of different rest services.
We were using akka 2.5 , currtently we moved to akka 2.6.9 and Akka Http 10.2
and suddenly we receive randomly Request Timeout status 408 exceptions, which we haddend before. Now i try to find out how to prevent or to understand those exceptions.

Thank you in advance

Hi @der3isbaer,

thanks for that question. I would suggest to try to update only a single thing at a time. Otherwise, it can be really hard to track down what’s going on. First try updating to Akka 2.5.31 and Akka HTTP 10.1.12 one at a time seeing if it still works. Only then try updating to the latest of Akka 2.6 and Akka HTTP 10.2.0.

Regarding the particular issue about the request timeout, as far as I remember, the Akka HTTP client side would not generate a 408 itself but such a response would come from the server. So, it’s not yet clear to me whether that issue is really on the side of your application at all.


Hi @jrudolph,

thank you for your response. I can’t explain why the servers are starting to response with 408 responses, till version 2.6 of Akka. When runnig against a WireMock environment i don’t get the exceptions any more.

So i went with RestartSource which wraps my httpConnectionPool and throw an excpetion when i receive a 408 Status.

I hope this is a way to go.

Thank you