Akka-Http : Timeout Client Connection if it's take more than 1s

We are using akka-http and below is our config , How I can timeout http client connection after 1sec ?
I tried using connecting-timeout , but it’s not working . Any suggestions ?
FYI: I’m already passing system config to ActorSystem.

  http {
    client {
      idle-timeout = infinite
      # The time period within which the TCP connecting process must be completed.
      connecting-timeout = 1s
      parsing {
        max-response-reason-length = 512
    host-connection-pool {
      idle-timeout = infinite
      # The minimum duration to backoff new connection attempts after the
      # previous connection attempt failed.
      base-connection-backoff = 50ms
      # The maximum number of times failed requests are attempted again,
      # (if the request can be safely retried) before giving up and returning an error.
      max-retries = 2
      # Maximum backoff duration between failed connection attempts.
      max-connection-backoff = 3s
    server.default-host-header = "no-host"
    # Defines the default time period within which the application has to
    # produce an HttpResponse for any given HttpRequest it received.
    server.request-timeout = 50s