Akka persistance custom TCK plugin , How to support non java serialization for Tagged type?

(M Romeh) #1

Hey All ,

I am building Akka persistence plugin with Apache ignite , i have a question when it comes to event tagging , if i disable java serialization , Tagged classes failed to be serialized properly , is there a way to configure specific serialization for Event Tagged or it need to be handled in the plugin itself , the GitHub for my plugin : https://github.com/Romeh/akka-persistance-ignite

The exception i get :
[2018-11-21 21:20:48] [orderManagerSystem-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-27] ERROR a.p.i.journal.IgniteWriteJournal - Attempted to serialize message using Java serialization while akka.actor.allow-java-serialization was disabled. Check WARNING logs for more details.
akka.serialization.DisabledJavaSerializer$JavaSerializationException: Attempted to serialize message using Java serialization while akka.actor.allow-java-serialization was disabled. Check WARNING logs for more details.
[2018-11-21 21:20:48] [orderManagerSystem-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-11] WARN a.s.DisabledJavaSerializer - Outgoing message attempted to use Java Serialization even though akka.actor.allow-java-serialization = off was set! Message type was: [class akka.persistence.journal.Tagged]

I have a sample application where this issue is happening for me when I use Protobuf for events serialization :

In Apache ignite , it is binary serialization .

Thx a lot for your help!

(Patrik Nordwall) #2

You mean events wrapped in `akka.persistence.journal.Tagged’?
The journal should unwrap such events and only serialize the events themselves. The tags are typically stored in a separate column that can be queried.

(M Romeh) #3

Hey Patriknw ,

Thanks for your reply , Yes for the Tagged class , I know the journal need to unwrap them and store then separately , i was asking is it possible to specify non Java default serializer like Protobuf so i can disable Java serialization completely ?

Thx a lot

(Patrik Nordwall) #4

What is serializing the Tagged? If you don’t do it in the plugin I don’t see where it would be serialized. It’s a local actor message between the PersistentActor and the journal actor.

(M Romeh) #5

Actually the issue got fixed by checking the msg type if it is Tagged event or not before doing the actual event storing in the journal , something like :

private JournalItem convert(PersistentRepr p) {
    if (p.payload() instanceof Tagged) {
        Tagged taggedMsg = (Tagged) p.payload();
        PersistentRepr persistentReprWithoutTag = new PersistentImpl(taggedMsg.payload(), p.sequenceNr(), p.persistenceId(), p.manifest(), p.deleted(), p.sender(), p.writerUuid());
        return new JournalItem(persistentReprWithoutTag.sequenceNr(), persistentReprWithoutTag.persistenceId(), serializer.toBinary(persistentReprWithoutTag), JavaConverters.asJavaCollection(taggedMsg.tags()));
    } else {
        return new JournalItem(p.sequenceNr(), p.persistenceId(), serializer.toBinary(p), null);


(Patrik Nordwall) #6

I’d recommend against serializing/storing the PersistentRepr unless you have the limitation of a key-value store with only a single value per key. Better to serialize/store the event payload and all other fields separately.

(M Romeh) #7

Thanks for your advice but unfortunately i have the limitation of key value store per key otherwise i will have to create multiple key value stores for the same key which will lead to multiple insert and read for each journal item so performance wise will be bad .

Thanks again for your support !