Akka persistence DB reads are slow. Can we control DB read throttling for Akka persistence tables of Cassandra?

Hi, we are using Lagom framework and Akka Persistence is main stream for our applications.

I wonder if we can set configures to adjust DB read throttling such as frequency or maximum count limit of Cassandra DB table SELECT query for Akka persistence.

Recently we have experienced Cassandra Database overhead issue. The main source of the performance issue was NOT by Akka persistence or Lagom framework.

But we could see many top Slow Queries list include data read from tag_view, snapshots, and tag_write_progress tables
These were not directly causing the DB overhead but constant SELECT query for those tables were very slow.

Can I have any performance optimisation regarding to this? or any magic numbers? :laughing:

Thank you in advance.

<SELECT * FROM keyspace1.snapshots WHERE persistence_id = my_persistence_id_1 LIMIT 50001>, time 3220 msec - slow timeout 500 msec
<SELECT * FROM keyspace1.tag_write_progress WHERE persistence_id = my_persistence_id_1LIMIT 250>, time 3880 msec - slow timeout 500 msec/cross-node
<SELECT * FROM keyspace1.tag_views WHERE tag_name, timebucket = AdvisorEvents$AdvisorEvt3, 1639634400000 AND timestamp > 64427f80-5e35-11ec-8080-808080808080 AND timestamp <= 673d7000-5e35-11ec-8080-808080808080 LIMIT 250>, time 4021 msec - slow timeout 500 msec