Akka persistence eventsbytag timebucket by Hour

Hi, We are on Lagom 1.5 and using Cassandra to persist our events. Based on the documentation, the default value for timebucket should be “Hour”

But our Cassandra tables is storing the timebucket in this format 20200722 which is clearly “Day”.
We also tried to override the behavior with this setting
akka.persistence.cassandra.events-by-tag.bucket-size = “Hour”

But it seems that this is not honored either. Is there any limitation on the version we are using?


Note that the docs at https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka-persistence-cassandra/current/events-by-tag.html is for Akka Persistence Cassandra 1.0.1 while Lagom 1.5 is using version 0.61 and things has changed quite a lot since, config namespacing is one thing that has changed.

For version 0.61 of the plugin we were not yet publishing docs at docs.akka.io. The (much less complete) docs that does exist for 0.61 can be found in the README of the plugin repository at the v0.61 tag: https://github.com/akka/akka-persistence-cassandra/tree/v0.61

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Thank you for pointing to it.