Akka Persistence FoundationDB plugin development

Greetings hakkers!

I’m developing an akka-persistence plugin which will use FoundationDB as a storage.

Since FoundationDB supports transactions, I was thinking about implementing a safeguard to prevent simultaneous journal writes in a split-brain scenario. However when I read the akka-persistence journal code, I didn’t find an interface to propagate a failure back to a single persist call (and shut it down afterwards) without failing the whole AtomicWrite batch (and triggering the journal’s circuit breaker).

Is it possible to do that in the current akka-persistence release?

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I think you should fail the whole AtomicWrite. That comes from one PersistentActor and is the one you will stop by failing the writes. There is no batching across different PersistentActors.

Thanks, Patrik!