Akka Persistence JDBC 4.0.0 release candidate

Dear hakkers,

We are glad to present a release candidate for Akka Persistence JDBC 4.0.

Akka Persistence JDBC enabled the use of Relational Databases with Akka Persistence and Akka Persistence Query via JDBC.


The original author Dennis (@dnvriend) released the first version of Akka Persistence JDBC in July 2014. This Akka Persistence backend has since then been used in many many projects to implement Event Sourcing via Akka Persistence with JDBC compliant databases.

While the Akka team provided an implementation only for Apache Cassandra, the JDBC implementation freed many projects from tapping into yet another technology and leverage the databases they already had.

Akka Persistence JDBC was broadly used together with Lagom which builds on top of Akka and Akka Persistence.

While Dennis initiated this project, he has no longer the time to maintain it and for a while now Ruud (@WellingR) has been the maintainer of it. The Lagom team at Lightbend has kept up a few things to keep in sync with versions of Scala and Akka.

To make this project part of the successful family of Akka projects the Akka core team at Lightbend transferred the repository to the Akka Github organisation and works with the community to make Akka Persistence JDBC another implementation for Akka Persistence alongside the implementations for Cassandra and Couchbase.

Most notable changes in 4.0 RC2

  • This release changes the organization id to “com.lightbend.akka” (This is the main reason to make it a major release).

  • This release requires Akka 2.6.4 or later.

  • Use ordering Offset in eventsByPersistenceId, #91 #385 by @patriknw

  • Added support for EventEnvelope timestamp (forwardport #346) #365 by @renatocaval

  • fix eventsByTag query for tags that share a prefix #168 by @renatocaval

  • read events in batches from asyncReplayMessages, #322 #370 by @patriknw

Read the Release notes on Github for more details.

The way to 4.0.0 final

Please take the RC2 for a spin in your projects and report any glitches. We expect to release the final version before end of May.

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Happy hakking,
The Akka team