Akka Persistence Question


I’m a student and trying to finish the project but I got one problem.
I’ve got a question concerning Persistence in Akka. The problem is that the code in the documentation (Persistence • Akka Documentation) - the first listing under the “Event sourcing” - doesn’t work. We need the persistence to implement “at least once delivery”, where we store the state but unfortunately, we can’t run even the code in the docs. Can you help us with:

  1. are you able to run the code in docs;
  2. if you are can you describe the steps we need to do.

Thank you in advance for your help

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A good starting point is the tutorial in the Akka Platform Guide. From there you can download runnable samples with instructions. Section 4 covers Event Sourced actors.

When you have that setup you should be able to modify and adjust according to the reference documentation.


Thank you for the answer!

But maybe my question was a little bit misleading. Actually, I need to have a stateful Actor with Akka Classic Persistence which means that I need to use exactly classic persistence with AbstractPersistentActor and so on, and not Event Sourcing with Akka 2.6, I have mentioned “Event Sourcing” due to just a chapter in the documentation for classic persistence 2.5 Akka version. As I’ve understood from the documentation, it is possible; though their code doesn’t work, which means that I’m probably misconfiguring something.

Can you guide me, maybe there are any tutorials here that I’ve just not found, or I shouldn’t work with Akka Classic Persistence in this case and there is some more elegant way to create a stateful actor.

I hope I didn’t misunderstand any concepts