Akka Routing Clarification

I am looking into BroadcastGroup routing. The following is mentioned in the documentation, that one can create a list of worker actors and the message could be broadcasted to all of them.

List<String> paths = Arrays.asList("/user/workers/w1", "/user/workers/w2", 
ActorRef router16 =
  getContext().actorOf(new BroadcastGroup(paths).props(), "router16");

My question is, if the paths List is dynamically appended at runtime, does akka automatically adjust the routee list and the messages will start going to the new routees that are appended to paths?

Or is it a requirement that all the routees should be known before the router16 is created?

As far as Akka is concerned the list is immutable so you’ll need to know the paths up front. You can use wild cards e.g * and ?

You can send a AddRoutee message to the router to dynamically add worker actors, but I’d say it’s rather advanced usage of routers and perhaps you should instead implement the routing logic in an ordinary actor instead.