Akka support for EC?


Are there any good solutions if you want to use TLS with EC?
I was going through the configuration and it states these limitations.

#   The Key setup this implementation supports has some limitations:
#   1. the private key must be provided on a PKCS#1 or a non-encrypted PKCS#8 PEM-formatted file
#   2. the private key must be be of an algorythm supported by `akka-pki` tools (e.g. "RSA", not "EC")
#   3. the node certificate must be issued by a root CA (not an intermediate CA)
#   4. both the node and the CA certificates must be provided in PEM-formatted files

On this link: Default configuration • Akka Documentation

If I want to avoid writing a own custom full SSLEngine. What other options do I have?
Any plans to bring in support for EC any time soon?