Akka Typed on Remoting vs Cluster

Hello there,

One more question on akka typed. I would like to write client (like) actor-system for another actor-system. Both these systems uses akka-typed.
In order to setup remoting, I could put them together as Remoting. But with akka typed there is no more ActorSelection, but instead Receptionist. How would I be able to hint for remote Receptionist?
In my use case, the client actor-system is short lived JVM and would go away after some time of connectivity. And might come back to check on things frequently. Hence, I am not sure if Cluster would still suit my needs?
In any case, any pointers on how I would be able to get handle to a typed actor from another actor-system would help.

Please advice,

For building client-server applications Akka Remoting and Akka Cluster is not a great fit, since it is peer-to-peer based and introduces quite tight coupling between the nodes (this is mentioned in the docs in several places, here for example https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/current/general/remoting.html#peer-to-peer-vs-client-server ).

Good alternatives are Akka gRPC or some form of regular HTTP endpoint using Akka HTTP