Akka Typed on Remoting vs Cluster

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One more question on akka typed. I would like to write client (like) actor-system for another actor-system. Both these systems uses akka-typed.
In order to setup remoting, I could put them together as Remoting. But with akka typed there is no more ActorSelection, but instead Receptionist. How would I be able to hint for remote Receptionist?
In my use case, the client actor-system is short lived JVM and would go away after some time of connectivity. And might come back to check on things frequently. Hence, I am not sure if Cluster would still suit my needs?
In any case, any pointers on how I would be able to get handle to a typed actor from another actor-system would help.

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For building client-server applications Akka Remoting and Akka Cluster is not a great fit, since it is peer-to-peer based and introduces quite tight coupling between the nodes (this is mentioned in the docs in several places, here for example https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/current/general/remoting.html#peer-to-peer-vs-client-server ).

Good alternatives are Akka gRPC or some form of regular HTTP endpoint using Akka HTTP

Thank you for the response @johanandren.
Shall do so for a client-server model. Perhaps I can plan to write a generic Akka HTTP with WS + actor abstraction for this. In order to keep the connection resilient, would you have any recommendations?
I could use the ping frame to keep the connection alive.

Please advice

Either sounds good for me, since you are in control of both Akka gRPC could be nice since it provides an explicit protocol with a schema and is binary vs the more implicit protocol encoded in a HTTP/Json endpoint.