Akka Typed persistence at-least-once delivery

I’m just trying to playing out in my head how to do persisted at-least-once delivery in Akka Typed.

I can persist the recipient info when receiving a command to send a message, and send the message. Then I can persist if that message has been acknowledged (received) successfully, and I can also schedule retries. But in the scenario where the system crashes before an answer has been received, how do I make sure that the message is sent again after the actor is restored? Do I have to send a message to the actor’s self after restore to check if there is an unanswered message, or is there another idiomatic way?

As far as I understand Reliable delivery can be considered as a replacement for AtLeastOnceDelivery for typed actors. You can look it up in the docs

I just had another look, and it turns out there is a DurableProducerQueue for this purpose - must have escaped me the last time I looked at the docs.