Akka Typed Persistence - is the message format correct?

Hi, I am currently trying Lagom 1.6.4 Akka Typed Persistence and JDBC write side and I was surprised to see in the journal in the message field this event representation:


I was expecting only pure event JSON representation (as it was when I used Lagom 1.5.4 with Lagom Persistence (classic) and Cassandra write side): {"idAccount":"2","name":"test2"}.

Everything works fine, but I wonder if the event serialization works correctly (maybe I have some misconfiguration here). What do you think?

Thank you for any hints

Hi @akahanek,

what you’ve observed is a known issue in Akka Persistence JDBC. The problem is the serialized object is an internal class of Akka Persistence JDBC (a PersistentRepr) which contains the JSON payload instead of serializing the plain JSON payload.

Starting Akka Persistence JDBC 5.0.0 (to be released soon, use 5.0.0-RC1 in the meantime) this should be fixed.


Hi @ignasi35,
thank you very much for your explanation.