Alpakka 1.1.2 got version conflict with akka-actor 2.6.1

Hi there,

I am using akka-actor-typed 2.6.1. Since akka-camel has been removed from 2.6, I tried to use akka-stream-alpakka-xml 1.1.2 as a replacement to process xml source.

But since akka-alpakka 1.1.2 is based on Akka Streams 2.5.23, I got runtime error as below:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Detected possible 
incompatible versions on the classpath. Please note that a given Akka version 
MUST be the same across all modules of Akka that you are using, e.g. if you 
use [2.6.1] all other modules that are released together MUST be of the same 
version. Make sure you're using a compatible set of libraries. Possibly 
conflicting versions [2.6.1, 2.5.23] in libraries [akka-actor:2.6.1, akka-
slf4j:2.6.1, akka-stream:2.5.23, akka-protobuf:2.5.23, akka-actor-typed:2.6.1]

How should I use akka-stream-alpakka with akka-stream 2.6.1?

I also noticed a solution by " dependencyOverrides ":

Will it work?


Hi there,

Please add the Akka dependencies pulled in by Alpakka XML (akka-stream and akka-protobuf) to your build explicitly with the Akka version you use.


Hi Enno,

Thanks a lot. It did work!