Alpakka 2.0.2 is now available!

Dear Hakkers,

The Alpakka contributors are happy to announce Alpakka 2.0.2.

Alpakka is compatible with Akka 2.5.31+ and Akka 2.6.8+. All modules are published for Scala 2.12 and Scala 2.13, and most are available for Scala 2.11.

In Alpakka 2.0.2, most libraries Alpakka uses are updated to their latest patch versions.

The way forward

Many libraries Alpakka uses have released new minor and even major versions. We’ll most likely open the main branch for things that may break binary compatibility and may upgrade libraries very soon so the community can push things forward for Alpakka 3.0. Alpakka 3.0 will not support Scala 2.11 anymore.

New Connector: Google BigQuery

See how it is used in the documentation.


The Java DSL can now use PreparedStatement to set values in SQL safely.

  • Slick/JDBC: Support PreparedStatement use in Java DSL #2318 by @ihostage

Kinesis KCL


  • AWS S3: Add access-style property (to support path-style access for non-AWS S3 services) #2392 by @laszlovandenhoek

Release notes

The full release notes are in the documentation.

Akka by Lightbend

The Akka core team is employed by Lightbend. If you’re looking to take your Akka systems to the next level, let’s set up a time to discuss our enterprise-grade expert support, self-paced education courses, and technology enhancements that help you manage, monitor and secure your Akka systems - from development to production.

Happy hakking,
Your Alpakkas