Alpakka Big Query connector TimeOut Exception after 6 minutes


I’m having a Akka stream application with big query as source, that queries a table. This is implemented using Akka Alpakka Big query connector.

here is the code snippet for that.

val timeOut = 30.minutes
//QueryRequest(query, maxResults, defaultDataset, timeout, dryRun, useLegacySql, None, None, None, requestId)
val request = QueryRequest(query, None, None, Some(timeOut), Some(false), Some(false), None) 
val source = Source[T, Future[QueryResponse[T]]]BigQuery.query[T](request)

Though I’ve configured timeout of 30 minutes, I get below exception after 6 minutes.


The timeout seems to be working for any values less than 3 minutes, but beyond that I’m getting this exception after 6 minutes.

Any configuration missing here.

The timeout you set there gets passed to BigQuery, but there must be some other timeout kicking in. For the tiny bit you shared I can’t tell where that is configured.