Alpakka elasticsearch7.x version

is there any ETA on alpakka elasticsearch with newer version of elasticseach i.e., 7.x ?

  1. because there is drastic change in elastic APIs & also no doc types in the newer versions
  2. this alpakka connector is not working well w.r.t newer ES versions especially incompatible highlevel client, WARN logs bloating up the server logs

Hi @nicebalu

You’re right, Alpakka Elasticsearch has not been adapted to the changes in the Elasticsearch REST API and was originally implemented for ES version 5.

As Alpakka is a community effort, I can encourage you to engage and suggest changes that adapt Alpakka to the newer ES APIs. I’ve prepared the inner workings of the connector to be able to support multiple versions in parallel, so it is hopefully easy to add it.

Tech Lead in the Akka team


I workedaround by overriding the classes locally for now, but happy to contribute to alpakka.