Alpakka JMS With Oracle AQ

I am connecting Alpakka JMS with Oracle AQ topic. The message sent from Oracle DB is of sqltype clob. I could write code using JMS api where I specified in consumer the oradatatype

MessageConsumer consumer = ((AQjmsSession)connection).createDurableSubscriber(t_recv.getTopic(), “test”, null,false, MyObject.getORADataFactory());

I need to understand as how can I specify the same oradata type with JmsSource coming from alpakka.

A sample code will surely help.

User defined MessageConsumer creation is not possible with the current API in Alpakka Kafka.

This would require something similar to setup with CustomDestination where the user can mount a specific destination factory.

Feel free to propose a solution in a Pull Request.


Is this still the case @ennru?