Alpakka Kafka 2.0.0 released

Dear hakkers,

We are happy to announce the general availability of Alpakka Kafka 2.0.0!

Alpakka Kafka 2.0.0 uses the Apache Kafka client 2.4.0 which contains improvements to the flow-control management that are very important to Alpakka Kafka.

A separate blog post is coming up to deep-dive and explain those changes - stay tuned.

The new Producer.committableSink behave as a combination of Producer.flexiFlow and Committer.sink, but has a special-purpose implementation which shows better performance in our benchmarks.

This release adds built-in support for service discovery with Akka Discovery.

To reduce emitting duplicated records when partitions are revoked from Alpakka Kafka consumers, this release introduces dropping of messages when partitions are revoked.

The Alpakka Kafka Testkit extends the use of Testcontainers to which we contributed improvements so that is easier to start Kafka clusters for testing.

For detailed changes, please see the release notes in the Alpakka Kafka documentation.

Happy hakking!

– The Alpakka Team