Alpakka PubSub for Scala 2.13


I found that akka-stream-alpakka-google-cloud-pub-sub is not released for 2.13 any more. There is no 1.1.x version for scala 2.13 in maven. Previous version 1.0.x has support for milestone version of 2.13.

I found that release note for 1.1.x said that Versions for Scala 2.13.0 is released.

How can we fix this? Or where I can find it if it is not released to central maven repository?

Hi @btomala

Sorry, it seems like I didn’t get a notification for this post.

We could not provide Scala 2.13 for Alpakka Google Cloud Pub/Sub in Alpakka 1.1.x as it requires an update of the jwt-core dependency to a new major version.

Sorry, that the release notes are a bit misleading. The Scala versions in the “Project Info” are produced directly from the build and show the correct versions.

We intend to start releasing Alpakka 2.0 milestones very soon.