Alpakka RabbitMQ direct reply-to support


We’re building an Akka Streams application using Alpakka that communicates with RabbitMQ. One aspect of our design is an RPC-style request/response interaction with another service via RabbitMQ. To implement that, we were hoping to use AmqpRpcFlow but in a way that can leverage RabbitMQ’s direct reply-to feature (see Direct Reply-to — RabbitMQ). As it stands, AmqpRpcFlow creates a private queue to send replies instead of using the queue specified by the reply-to property (ref alpakka/AmqpRpcFlowStage.scala at 5a239f005cf5db63c8f0a7369ab9b9bb6e24f692 · akka/alpakka · GitHub).

Any thoughts on whether that is possible, or ways to accomplish that without writing our own custom stage?