Alpakka Spring Web support for setting the ActorSystem name


(Adriano Santos) #1

Hello guys!

I’m using the spring-web alpakka module and would like to be able to set my own actor system name. I checked the source code and saw that it was defined when it was created:

system = ActorSystem.create (“SpringWebAkkaStreamsSystem”);

But SpringWebAkkaStreamsSystem is a terrible name for my logs. :smiley:
I think it would be possible to integrate this module with the spring boot configuration system so that you can define the actor system name with something similar to an entry in the file similar to this: my-actor-system-name

I can contribute a pull request if you think this functionality makes any sense at all.

Adriano Santos

(Enno) #2

Hi Adriano,

Yes, it would be great to see a PR for that.


(Adriano Santos) #3

Hi Enno.

I sent a pull request for this

Adriano Santos

(Adriano Santos) #4

It seems to me that the build process broke down into an unrelated task.
Someone with some idea?

Adriano Santos

(Adriano Santos) #5

Thanks for accepting the PR.