Am I right: No public *sources.jar with akka java sources code is publicly available?

Usually, when I drill into external java libraries or frameworks, the java source-code is publicly distributed via *source.jar files published next to the libraries, typically in a maven-repo. The Java-IDE usually has a auto-resolution feature to lazily download the sources in case you want to look into them, or if you want to debug its behavior.

With Akka, java sources seem to be unresolveable: The IDE only offers a decompiled version:

Note: For me, the public availability of a sources-jar totally replaces all needs for the availablility of a javadoc-jar, which I haven’t used in years.

  • Is this intentional?
  • Is this due to the fact that - at first glimpse - there seems to be a cross-compilation from scala-sources, i.e. there is no persistend java-code.?
  • Is there any repository with java-source.jar files, i don’t know of?
  • Is there any javadoc-jar as fallback?

Regards and thanks in advance


Akka has always published source jars with each release along with the rest of the expected artifices (javadoc jar, pom file etc), nothing has changed regarding publishing sources. You can see all by browsing maven central directly: Central Repository: com/typesafe/akka/akka-actor-typed_2.13/2.8.0

I wonder if the problem could be that the Akka sources in the source jars are Scala files and your IDE is missing a Scala plugin to make sense of them?

Cross compiled Java would not really make sense however we do cross-compile the scaladoc in the Scala sources to Javadoc which is then published the javadoc jars, so that should be a possible fallback.

Sorry for the late reply: I was off.
Thanks for the quick response.

Installing the scala plugin - as you suggested - did the trick, as it was not installed.

  • I can now drill into the sources,
  • I can look-up the javadoc documentation which is included in the sources, i.e. by hitting CMD+Q in Idea.

Thank you for your help.