Announce: sbt-buildinfo 0.9.0

sbt-buildinfo 0.9.0 is published for sbt 1.

TaskKey to BuildInfoKey conversion potentially breaking semantic change

TL;DR No need for BuildInfoKey.of(...) or BuildInfoKey.ofN(...) any more. Use
BuildInfoKey.outOfGraphUnsafe if your build definition is now circular.

sbt-buildinfo 0.8.0 deprecated the original TaskKey[A] to BuildInfoKey.Entry[A] implicit and explicit
conversions (BuildInfoKey.task and BuildInfoKey.apply respectively), that executed the underlying sbt Task
out of sbt’s task graph execution, in favour of a newly introduced BuildInfoKey.of(...) and
BuildInfoKey.ofN(...) API, which correctly wired up the task graph. See #114.

As it was implemented (and released) it interacted poorly with sbt-buildinfo’s API
(#117), due to a mistake in the implementation and test coverage.

In resolving the issue it became clear that instead of introducing a new API, that required sbt-buildinfo users
to change their source code to use, the already used conversions could have been modified to use the new
Task-based semantics.

However, this change breaks any build definition that declares as a build info key any TaskKey that depends on
sourceGenerators or resourceGenerators, because the build definiton would now be circular and fail to load.
To fix this breaking semantic change the user has to either drop the key used, choose another key, or fallback
to the previous semantics by using the not-deprecated BuildInfoKey.outOfGraphUnsafe API, also introduced in
sbt-buildinfo 0.8.0.

#117/#119 by @dwijnand

Add direct support for sbt’s Attributed

A number of keys defined by sbt use sbt’s Attributed type, specifically the keys that define classpaths.
Prior to this change defining any of these keys as a build info key would generate Seq[String] as Attributed
would be simply converted to string with toString. sbt-buildinfo 0.9.0 introduces direct support for these
keys so they generate Seq[File] instead.

#112/#120 by @dwijnand

Make toJson more JSONish

sbt-buildinfo is able to generate toJson method using the following setting:

buildInfoOptions += BuildInfoOption.ToJson

sbt-buildinfo 0.9.0 makes the JSON encoding more natural:

"libraryDependencies" :
  [ "org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.12.4",

#123 by @tonicebrian

Do not generate multi-parameter infix calls

Multi-parameter infix calls may be removed in the future, so it’s better
not to generate this kind of code.

#124 by @Duhemm