Announcing a new Play application seed - PSPS

Hello all,

We (CodeWorth software studio) decided to open source our Play application seed, and invite the Play community to take it for a spin:

It’s an opinionated application seed, which contains many features required by web applications, such as

  • public and back-office parts
  • site navigation menus (based on a Scala data structures)
  • User management
  • Page templates (including informational and CSRF support)
  • and more

This seed is based on our experience writing web applications using Play for the last 5 years. We are basing new applications off of it for a while now.

You’re all invited to take it for a spin, comment, fork, improve, pull-request, etc!

A more detailed blog post:

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Now updated to support Scala 2.13 and use SBT 1.3.3.

Get it at your local GitHub: