App crashes after loading localhost:9000 in browser

I’m a beginner trying to get Play to run. I’m using Windows 10.
When I run the sbt.bat, everything works fine and I can load the webpage at localhost:9000 in Firefox. It displays the starter project ( | the Java project) correctly, but as soon as it finishes loading the webpage, the console and the server crashes. When I refresh the webpage, it is no longer available and I have to restart the sbt.bat and run the project app again.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: Solved, see my own reply.

Sorry, I should have googled more thoroughly before making this thread. I have resolved my issue by adding " libraryDependencies += "javax.xml.bind" % "jaxb-api" % "2.1" " to the build.sbt file. It was because I’m using Java 9 I think.


Yes at the moment you need to add the JAR yourself however in later versions we might plan to add it always: