Auto plugin not working when using it through bintray

Hey there!

I’m trying to use sbt-autoprefixer.

Since this plugin was not available trough bintray and could only be added using git, I asked the author if I’m allowed to publish the version to bintray. He permitted me, so I went to it. I added the plugin using the standart method now:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.gpgekko" % "sbt-autoprefixer" % "1.2.0")

However the plugin seems to be loaded now but not working anymore. sbt plugins tells me it’s enabled even tho the functionality is lost. When I move back to the git installation using

lazy val sbtAutoprefixer = uri("git://")
lazy val root =".")).dependsOn(sbtAutoprefixer)

it’s working. Is there any change to be done when using the stuff using addSbtPlugin?


Seems to be working after a full sbt refresh now.