Backups & data restoration


Is there currently a way to back-up and restore data for a Akka Serverless service?


We maintain backups of the underlying databases that we’re using to support the product capabilities. But presently there is no notion of a back-up and restore process that a user can utilize.

I’d love to dig deeper into what you’re wanting though. It could be that based on your requirements there are some patterns that you can leverage to address them.


Hi Jeremy,

In our case someone accidentily removed a service and when re-deploying it starts fresh. This is ofcourse because it was kind of purposfully removed. But it made me wonder if there is a way to potentially create backups and restore a removed service

Hi Jeremy,

We’ve found the perfect use-case :smile:

We would like to migrate to Kalix but not lose any data. In this case having backups that we can restore would be perfect.

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