Book/other resource for Akka


I am a beginner in Akka related topics,like actor model,stream etc.
Please suggest really good book or other detail resources for a newbie. I have completed IoT tutorial available on akka site. I am looking for further detailed study.

We’re listing books in the docs here:

My personal top pics are two currently:

There is also which takes it also step by step with a focus on more web apps, but also a good one, by a long time member of the community.

There will also soon be a refreshed Coursera course about reactive systems which you may enjoy to follow once it’s out (in a few months) :-)

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@mghildiy hi
My favorite book about akka is Mastering Akka
Ebook for you:
Have fun!


Updating this thread with some more recent resources. The books mentioned previously are still good choices as well.

Here is the course that @ktoso referred to in his earlier post:

There is also a free course on reactive architecture offered by Lightbend and IBM. This is more high level, focused on architectural principles rather than code. It is not specific to Akka, although Akka is a great way to implement the concepts in the course:

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