Build A Deployable Lagom Application

I just got started learning about Lagom today. I downloaded and ran the ‘Hello World’ app from sbt.
My question: is there another Lagom/Scala example that shows a build of a deployable production microservice? There will be many of these with different services and they may run on geographically dispersed machines.

I have experience with Play Framework with Scala. From sbt I use the ‘compile’ and ‘dist’ commands to create a deployable package ( ‘universal’ ) placed in the target directory. What is the counterpart to this in Lagom?
Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @Joseph,

you can have a look at the guide Deploying a Lagom Application to OpenShift for a detailed example on deploying a two-service lagom application on a Kubernetes-like environment. The guide is specific to OpenShift but it’ll cover all the concepts (cluster bootstrapping, service location, producing a docker image,…) you must consider when deploying on any platform.


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Hi Ignasi,
need a help in Lagom app to be deployed to openshift. I followed the exact steps as mentioned in the guide.
when I try to build the app from openshift s2i, I tumle upon an error when maven tries to build docker image using docker-maven-plugin saying DOCKER_HOST not found. I am not able to find DOCKER_HOST for openshift, it will be of great help if there is a pointer on to find where the docker host runs for openshift to build this successfully.